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Monday, November 17, 2008

A vote for Ginkgo is a vote for prosperity!

Soooo, Spoonflower is having a wee contest to pick the "fabric of the week." The winner will get free fabric, and the winning design will be made available for sale to the public through Spoonflower for one week only. How snazzy is that?

And. AND! My gingko fabric is one of the three choices!! I am beside myself. Would you please, please, pretty please go vote for me? The contest is described here, and that post has a link to the voting.

Part of why I am beside myself is that I do not do contests. I have not run for anything since my crushing defeat in the sixth grade student council race of 1986. I don't play games for keeps. I don't buy lottery tickets. I just don't ever put myself out there for stuff like this. Because, um, it stinks to lose. And you can't fail if you don't try!

Yes, it appears I have failed to learn the lessons of the many afterschool specials that touchingly addressed this very subject.

But today is a new day! Today I am putting myself out there and saying, "Hey, world! Here I am! Wouldn't it be cool if your 'I voted' sticker were printed with awesome orangey, patterny goodness?" Right?


Eliza said...

And THIS is why I don't post comments on blogs. If you go to the "Choose the Fabric-of-the-Week spot, you'll see where I unwittingly posted a comment to you, my beloved cousin Cam...only to the entire Spoonflower blog population.

I'm an embarrassment to your craft.


Joyce said...

I'm sorry your ginko didn't win! Beautiful fabric!