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Friday, November 28, 2008

Do Not Remain Stationary: A Stationery Giveaway!

Okey dokey, then. I am in a giving mood what with the holidays and all.

Up for grabs: 12 notecards designed just for YOU. I am on a paper bender right now, and my loss of sleep is your gain!

Here's what you have to do:
  1. Check out the cards in my etsy shop.
  2. Post a comment here telling me a) which of the designs is your favorite and b) what your imaginary, perfect stationery looks like.
You have until midnight EST, Monday, Dec. 1 to post your comment--please be sure to leave me a way to contact you if you win. One entry per person! I'll choose the winner and post here Tuesday morning, Dec. 2.

Happy Friday!


FunwithURpictures said...

i like your blog alot. I was on twitter and seen your post. I really don't understand that twitter site. Your crafts are awesome !! I love making crafts also...i have to make a blog site someday as well, but i don't have the first clue how to go about it, but i just wanted to let you know that yours is really great.
I tried Etsy also, nice site isn't it...

MuseBootsi said...

I enjoy your fish. He looks stinky. My perfect stationery is the business card Danny Ocean gives to Linus in Chicago in Ocean's 11. With just his name. So mysterious!
Maybe I need some business cards that just say "Danny Ocean." Then I'll finally be happy.

Jane said...

My favorites are your alligator because I have them in the pond across from my house and the paisley because it takes me back to the seventies. My ideal stationery would have your ginkgo at the top right on a half sheet of celadon paper.

Dodie said...

I love chrysanthemum. At first I saw them on bright chrysanthemum yellow paper but then I decided that my actual dream stationary would be designed on recycled paper of some "eastern" texture with a single pink chrysanthemum on stylized pink sari shapes across the top of the page in a loose phalanx of body postures approximating the women in the pink sari gang in the article from BBC news. I really want you to design something to celebrate the pink sari gang.

malinda_at_animegirlie_dot_com said...

I like the chrysanthemum cards. my dream stationary for husband & I would be:

- blank cards with a emboss of my family crest tiny at the top in heavy water color style paper
- writing paper crest embossed at the bottom - semi rough paper
-envelopes with the crest faintly printed on the back

For me - cherry blossoms faintly printed on every piece : heavy water color stock cards, rough sheets of paper, etc.

alison said...

my favorite is your ladybug card. it is so adorable!!!! I am a texas girl,born and raised, and have recently lost some of my cloest friends to other states, and plan to move myself soon. so in that spirit, my perfect stationary at the moment would be texas inspired. a flat card with my name in the bottom right corner with drawing of something texas inspired, an outline of the state, cowboy boots, a longhorn, space shuttle, blue bonnet, this list goes on and on. something that would remind all my friends of their roots and bring a smile to their faces when they open the card in the mail!

tao said...

I like the Bumblebee's because they re in a pair. I like things in a pair so they won't be lonely and I like round shapes very sweet :) My perfect stationary is something that is not cluttered and feels rich with texture.


thanks :)
frostymoss at gmail

Julie said...

The Chrysanthemum cards are my favorite. They are such a classic design. My perfect stationary would be something like them - a simple line drawing style floral on cream paper. Your shop is very nice.