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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Her First 29th Birthday

I Want that Wednesdays will be back with a consumerist vengeance next week.

Today what I want is to be able to give my baby sister a squeeze. But I'll have to wait till she gets home on Christmas Eve.

Happy Birthday, sistah! I am so glad you were born!

You know that saying that the cobbler's children have no shoes? That's sort of like being the crafty girl's sister. I have bunches of projects in various stages of completion designed with my sister's precise aesthetic (and it is precise!) in mind, but her birthday falls so close to Christmas (my DIY-binge-procrastination apogee) that I am always last-minute finishing her gifts. Roll into this the fact that she lives in New York and that I, alas, do not, and the last-minute thing really does not work. So she always gets shorted on her birthday, and then I try to lavish her as soon as she gets off the plane at Christmas. Which often means wrapping presents in the car on the way to pick her up or see her at my mom's house.

So. If you're ever in my car and you wonder what the hell the tape is doing there in the back seat, it's a good bet I was wrapping a last-minute gift with it. Last year. I don't have as good an explanation for the single flip flop or the random lamp shade. What?

Anyhoo, being my sister's sister is a great privilege full of surprises (not the why-is-there-a-random-lamp-shade-under-the-car-seat kind--the really good, i-had-no-idea-this-is-how-cool-you'd-turn-out kind) and laughter.

Plus? 29? Totally a prime number. And that's just cool.

P.S. I was going to use this opportunity to plug my sister's lovely Etsy shop, but she's gone and sold nearly everything she had listed (including the necklace I was eyeing--drat!), so I'll wait till she puts up some new stuff in the new year...


Sarah said...

AAAAAWWWWWWW! You're the sweetest, sista! I'm an I want that Wednesday! I love it! And you! And the random lamp shade in your car, for that matter. Can I have it?

Jane said...

The best thing about having such crafty daughters is that I don't have to shop for presents. No not the best, but because you know how much angst shopping causes me I know you know how appreciative I am of your creative binges, especially in this season.

Auntie Em said...

Cam, please forward this comment to your sister.

Sarah, obviously I was a day late and a dollar short with your Happy Birthday Wishes. Are you sure you weren't born on the December 18th?

Merry Christmas to two of my favorite nieces.

I love you, Auntie Em

PS: Believe it or not, I'm driving around with a lampshade in my car. Must run in the family.